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New single 'Possessions'



by Southern Cities

We are southern cities


Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Southern Cities is the songwriting collaboration of Matt Montgomery, Luke Brogden and Andrew Turner. The songs reflect the group's influences, from roots to rock, jazz and psychedelia; and chronicles their coming of age experiences across the cities of the modern South.


Vocals, Guitar / Luke Brogden
Lead Guitar / Matthew Montgomery
Vocals, Keys / Andrew Turner
Drums / Andrew Tinsley
Bass / Stirling Walsh



As we exited youth and moved into our first decade of adulthood, the gently persistent refrain urging us to Give in to The Machine, started to be all we could hear. Once you hear this voice driving you towards convention, conformity, professionalism, accessibility, it’s almost deafening. It’s a noise that rings in your ears with every decision over whether to take a risk or to play it safe; whether to betray your beliefs for personal gain or to hold on to your values at the expense of your own success; whether to keep pushing for that impossible, frustratingly out of reach childhood dream or give into the consolation prize of what you’re currently getting by doing. Our music has been our best defense against the bland, mind-numbing drudgery of professional life; our chance to yell and shout and frenetically pound out our manifestos, to stay in touch with ourselves, keep proclaiming our beliefs so they don’t disappear. This album is our attempt to be honest about how we’ve wrestled with the question of how fully to integrate into adult society and embrace and accept its caveats; and to what extent we plan to continue to rebel and try to break The Machine....



‘How do we retain the things that make us wild, the things that make us feel really lively, energetic and unique?’ Brogden asks. Rock ‘n’ roll, of course, is the answer — and Southern Cities celebrates that in fine form on its new record.”
— Steve Wildsmith, Maryville Daily Times